Total Kidney Care | Eastern Nephrology

Unfortunately, kidney disease is rarely curable, so our focus is largely on slowing kidney disease progression, avoiding undesirable outcomes, and sustaining a desired quality of life. Meeting these goals in every patient requires an orchestrated effort from multiple people over a continuum of patient touch points. ENA created Total Kidney Care (TKC) as an innovative program that aligns ENA’s resources with the patient’s goals of care. Clinically proven best practices are leveraged in an efficient deployment to give patients the seamless and supportive medical partnership they deserve.

Each patient has access to an entire team which includes your physician, advanced practitioner professionals, registered nurses, certified medical assistants, and licensed nursing assistants. A patient’s journey begins with an accurate diagnosis of the kidney disease followed by appropriate medical management, comprehensive education on nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices, and counseling on kidney replacement options such as transplant, home based dialysis, and dialysis in a kidney center.